Where can I learn tennis in India?

It is undoubtedly one of India’s best tennis academies, with a vision of training India’s rising tennis superstars. 2. Sania Mirza Tennis Academy – Located in Murtuzaguda, Hyderabad, the Sania Mirza Tennis Academy (SMTA) is a leading tennis academy in the country, owned by the tennis legend herself.

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Keeping this in view, which city is best for tennis in India?

And here is the top list of 5 Best Tennis Courts in India.

  • Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi.
  • RK Khanna Tennis Stadium, New Delhi.
  • Balewadi Stadium, Pune.
  • Deccan Gymkhana Tennis Club, Pune.
  • Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association Court, Maharashtra.
Then, how much does it cost to become a tennis player in India? The ATP World Tour, which runs the most gainful pro men’s events, declared it was increasing prize money remarkably over the next four years. But the elite tournaments will get the biggest boosts. The finances of an Indian Tennis player is very high – INR 20 lakh on coaching, INR 5 lakh on travel, and trainer.

Considering this, how can I get job in tennis in India?

How to become a tennis player in 6 steps

  1. Getting started as a Professional Tennis Player.
  2. Find a good mentor to become a Professional tennis player.
  3. Play tournaments like a Professional Tennis Player.
  4. Take the Plunge.
  5. Analyze the expense and seek sponsors.
  6. Practice makes a Professional Tennis player perfect.

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