Where are Pacific tennis racquets made?

Pacific tennis rackets are manufactured at different locations in the world – from Germany to New Zealand, it is truly a global brand that redefines its standards with every delivery. Pacific tennis rackets guarantees a long-lasting and comfortable usage.

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Correspondingly, are Pacific Racquets good?

The racquet is not ultra stable, but fast and has a really plush feel in the string bed. It was quite addictive and I felt like the racquet did most things well. I especially liked it on serve, where the racquet comes through the air fast and has enough power to give you a predictable and fast-paced response.

In this regard, what happened to Fischer racquets? With the acquisition of the Fischer Tennis & Racket Division, a new union was created becoming one brand: PACIFIC. … The addition of successful and proven FISCHER TECHNOLOGY is incorporated into the new PACIFIC Racket Line, assuring the continuation of quality and innovative design.

Regarding this, is Prince tennis going out of business?

Tennis racquet maker Prince Sports Inc, which pioneered the “oversized” racquet, filed for bankruptcy protection in a U.S. bankruptcy court citing declining sales and increased competition.

Are all tennis racquets made in China?

All racquets are made in China (except Yonex, made in Japan), All tennis products including balls are made in China, 99% of the stuff Americans purchase is made in China. … Wilson makes all of their racquets in China.

Does Fischer still make tennis rackets?

Fischer created some really classic racquets with amazing feel and this is still present in their re-launched racquets.

Who bought out Prince tennis?

Authentic Brands Group

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