Where are OC shoes made?

It was this unique running sensation that convinced Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann to come aboard too. Together with Bernhard, they formally established the On in Zürich in January 2010. Their mission to develop a product range fully engineered in Switzerland using the latest technology picked up pace.

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Similarly one may ask, do OC shoes run true to size?

The On Cloud is true to size

The shoes are true to size, although having a slightly narrow fit. The narrow fit may disallow toe splay. Runners with wider feet may prefer going half a size up.

Correspondingly, can you run in On Cloud shoes? On Cloudswift Review

The Cloudswift allows you to run around the city in a light, swift shoe with full road protection. Made from Helion super foam for supreme cushioning with zero compromises. These running shoes are engineered for urban running as they’re light on weight but big on energy return and durability.

Subsequently, is On Cloud a good walking shoe?

Then the On Cloud is an excellent choice. The slip-on, slip-off lace system makes them a breeze to wear for a quick walk and easy to kick off when it’s time to cool down and stretch. Extremely breathable and lightweight, the On Cloud gives you a close-to-the-ground feeling, so you feel quick on your feet.

Do On Cloud shoes have arch support?

Arch support: Being that the On Cloud is designed to promote a barefoot feel, one would expect little to no arch support. I’m pleasantly surprised, however, as my arches feel moderately supported. … The On Cloud features lightweight mesh upper at the forefoot which allows air to circulate into and out of the shoe.

Do you wear socks with On Cloud?

On uses elasticated laces for the On Cloud which means you can slip them on and off really quickly if you need to. … Being able to quickly get these Swiss running shoes on, and to wear them without socks makes it a winner for triathletes of all distances, including Ironman too.

Can you walk in running sneakers?

The short answer: yes. Running shoes and walking shoes have similar qualities that make them ideal for being active. While running shoes are designed to be durable for the rigorous demands of running, they are excellent as walking shoes, too.

Is on shoes a good brand?

Overall we found the last on all three On models we tried, the Cloud, Cloud X and Cloudflow, to be very comfortable. In terms of fit, On shoes tend to be cut quite narrow, especially in the heel, which gives a nice locked in feel, but for runners with wider feet you may need to get a size larger than normal.

Are on cloud shoes good for CrossFit?

On Cloud X

Although it is still classed as a running shoe, we’ve found its real strength lies in general training, covering everything from gym workouts to HIIT, CrossFit and shorter runs.

Are Hokas or on Clouds better?

The Hoka Mach 4 feels less flexible in the midsole than the Cloudswift, but provides more cradled support for your feet. The Profly midsole feels both soft and springy, so you get a double whammy of cushioning and a firm toe-off. … For long-term comfort on the top of your feet, the Mach 4 definitely has a superior upper.

Are on cloud shoes slip resistant?

The “On Cloud Running Shoe ” is not a certified slip resistant shoe. However, an ON representative has advised us that the Cloudventure line of shoes which you can find under the “Trail Running Shoe” category on our website will provide the best grip on most terrains.

Are on clouds good for plantar fasciitis?

The On Cloud shoes provide critical padding and cushioning that can absorb shock effectively. This is what the people suffering from plantar fasciitis condition need. The On Cloud shoes also come with high arches that provide much more stability and comfort to the people having plantar fasciitis.

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