When did Wawrinka switch to Yonex?


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One may also ask, what racket does Tsitsipas use?

Blade 98 V7

Also, what racquet does Djokovic actually use? 1, Novak Djokovic is currently using the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro racket. Like most professional players, Djokovic uses a Pro Stock frame, which is a Head racquet, known as the PT113B. However when he initially broke onto the ATP tour, the Serb used a Wilson sponsored racquet until 2008.

Similarly, what racket does Roger Federer use?

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

Are Luxilon strings good?

Luxilon ALU Power does not disappoint when it comes to durability, one of the polyester category of strings’ trademark features. Luxilon ALU Power stands out because it’s hard to break, but it also does an excellent job maintaining tension, which helps extend the strings’ overall life.

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