What world ranking is Lajovic?

As of 2021.09.20

2021 Career
35 Ranking 1 Move 23 Career High 2019.04.29
15-22 W-L 0 Titles 149-188 W-L
$881,988 Prize Money $6,834,489 Prize Money Singles & Doubles combined

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Then, what ethnicity is Mackenzie McDonald?

McDonald is of Chinese, Scottish and English descent.

Correspondingly, what rank is Simon? Gilles Simon
Career record 494–383 (56.3% in ATP Tour and Grand Slam main draw matches, and in Davis Cup)
Career titles 14
Highest ranking No. 6 (5 January 2009)
Current ranking No. 102 (19 July 2021)

Also, what rank is Dan Evans?

Dan Evans (tennis)

Career titles 1
Highest ranking No. 23 (13 September 2021)
Current ranking No. 23 (13 September 2021)
Grand Slam Singles results

How many sets are there in tennis?

Points, games, sets and matches

Tennis is played in points: Four points win a game, six games win a set, and two or three sets win a match. You can decide how long you want your game to be but most matches are played as best-of-three or five set contests.

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