What type of strings are best for a tennis racquet?

Tennis strings are made of natural gut, nylon (multifilament) or polyester (monofilament). Natural gut and nylon strings are best for beginner to intermediate players due to their power and comfort properties while polyester is best for advanced players due to its stiffer, control-oriented properties.

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Consequently, what type of strings do professional tennis players use?

Which strings do the pros use? Most professionals use polyester strings.

One may also ask, which tennis string is most durable? Kevlar – The most durable string available. Kevlar is very stiff and strings up very tight. Therefore, it is usually combined with nylon to reduce the string bed stiffness (Kevlar main strings, nylon cross strings).

Keeping this in consideration, what is the difference between 16g and 17g tennis strings?

17g string is slightly thinner than 16g. In general; thinner strings will provide greater playability and spin while thicker strings offer durability. Do you find this helpful? 16g string is thicker then 17g string which makes it more durable.

How often should you restring a tennis racquet?

Before you get back on the court, you should replace your strings. If you take your game seriously, restring your racket regularly every 10 to 15 hours of play if you use polyester. You can add a couple more hours if you use nylon or multi-fibre string.

What gauge strings do pro tennis players use?

Most companies usually use 16 gauge string because it is durable and gives the player control and comfort when playing. In other words, thinner strings offer improved playability while thicker strings offers enhanced durability.

Do pros use Hyper G?

Developed with the help of Donald Young, once the highest ratest prospect in American tennis and an ATP touring pro, Hyper-G is an instantly recognisable bright green copoly string from Solinco. A square-shaped co-polyester, it’s marketed as being able to produce an impressive combination of spin and precision.

What tennis string tension Do pros use?

Which racquets / strings / tensions do the Pro’s use?

Player Racquet Tension
Lleyton Hewitt Yonex RDiS 100 Mid 48 lbs
Gael Monfils Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 57 / 55 lbs
Andy Murray Head YouTek Radical Pro 56 lbs
Rafael Nadal Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex 55 lbs

What tension do pros string their rackets?


Player Racquet Brand Tension (Crosses)
Novak Djokovic Head 56 lbs.
Rafael Nadal Babolat 55 lbs.
Dominic Thiem Babolat 55 lbs.
Roger Federer Wilson 45 lbs.

Is it worth restringing a tennis racquet?

Assuming you’re willing to spend some money on your equipment, we’d recommend this player re-string their racket once a month. Whether you’re playing in leagues or starting to enter a tournament or two, it’s important to maintain your strings’ tension for consistent performance as you start to compete.

Why are my tennis strings fraying?

When they are freshly strung, they often have a coating on to protect them, but once this wears off, the fibres will start to fray. This is a natural part of the wear for these types of strings, so some fraying is perfectly normal. Fraying can also be exacerbated by humidity and moisture.

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