What type of injury is common in racquetball?

Goggles Eye and facial injuries are the two most common injuries in racquetball and squash. Athletes are at great risk of being struck in the eyes and face by racquets, opponents and ricocheting balls. Eye protection is essential.

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Accordingly, is racquetball bad for your back?

Lower back injuries – The quick twisting required in racquet ball sports can wreak havoc on the lower back. Straining the back muscles is a real risk.

Correspondingly, does racquetball hurt? Ankle sprains or fractures are common injuries in racquetball. Although less common than eye and ankle injuries, elbow injuries such as bursitis, sprains, and tendonitis can occur from playing racquetball. Foot or toe sprains and fractures are other injuries that can be sustained in racquetball.

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