What tournament is Ash Barty playing in?

Last updated on: 25 July 2021. The 2021

Tournament Australian Open Melbourne, Australia Grand Slam Hard, outdoor 8 February 2021 – 21 February 2021
Match 9
Round QF
Opponent Karolína Muchová (25)
Rank 27

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In respect to this, is Ash Barty still number one 2021?

Ash Barty remains at world No. 1, while fellow Aussie Storm Sanders sets new career-highs in both singles and doubles in the latest rankings.

Secondly, how many tournaments has Ash Barty won in 2021?

Beside this, what time will Ash Barty play today?

Barty is set to take on Plíšková on centre court at Wimbledon at 2:00pm local time, which is 11:00pm Saturday in the eastern states of Australia, 10:30pm in the central time zone and 9:00pm in the west.

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