What tennis string is closest to natural gut?

Multifilament strings are the closest strings to Natural Gut, and are also the next most expensive strings. Best overall playability, and are gentle on the arm, but punishing to your opponent. Because they are made of hundreds of filaments, the fray as the wear.

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Then, is natural gut the best tennis string?

As the most expensive type of string on the market and a favorite choice among professional tennis players, natural gut is often considered one

Manufacturer Wilson Sporting Goods
Price $$$$$
Keeping this in consideration, do tennis pros use natural gut? The oldest type of tennis string on the planet is natural gut and it’s the string of choice for a lot of professional players including Roger Federer himself. … Natural gut strings are made of cows intestines and date back to 1875 when Pierre Babolat first used a sheep’s intestine to produce them.

Beside above, is synthetic gut a good tennis string?

Does natural gut give more power?

A 1.15-1.25mm natural gut string will give as more power than any other string type, whilst feeling the most natural and plush. … So, whilst natural gut strings are certainly the best tennis strings for power, they can be very expensive and need to be replaced very regularly for heavy hitters.

How do I naturally string my gut?

Why do pros use natural gut?

Having natural gut in the mains means the playability is more comfortable because the emphasis is on the more forgiving strings. It also gives access to more power thanks to the properties of natural gut. The Luxilon in the crosses tempers the power of the natural gut and gives Federer access to more spin and control.

Are gut strings worth it?

Compared to synthetic strings, gut has better tension maintenance and will continue to “feel” good much longer than synthetics. So, if you’re not really a string breaker, natural gut can definitely be worth the price. … This allows string breakers to still enjoy natural gut’s benefits while still getting some durability.

How much is Roger Federer racket?

The Swiss superstar is adored by fans for his fluid game and amazing range of shots. However, no one knows that Roger Federer’s racket strings cost €35,000 ($40,000).

Do pros use Hyper G?

A bright green co-polyester string used by several ATP touring pros. … Developed with the help of Donald Young, once the highest ratest prospect in American tennis and an ATP touring pro, Hyper-G is an instantly recognisable bright green co-poly string from Solinco.

Does natural gut lose tension?

Natural gut holds its tension remarkably well compared to synthetic strings and much better than polys. … Natural gut will only lose 5-8% of its tension in the first 24 hours after stringing, but that is it. Many gut players will tell you that their gut was playing its best right before it broke.

What tension do pros string their rackets?


Player Racquet Brand Tension (Crosses)
Novak Djokovic Head 56 lbs.
Rafael Nadal Babolat 55 lbs.
Dominic Thiem Babolat 55 lbs.
Roger Federer Wilson 45 lbs.

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