What tennis player has won the most Grand Slams?

Roger Federer
Characteristic Number of Grand Slam victories
Roger Federer (SUI) 20
Rafael Nadal (ESP) 20
Novak Djokovic (SRB) 20
Pete Sampras (USA) 14

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Just so, who has the most Grand Slams of all time?

Alex Rodriguez has 25 career grand slams, the most by any player in MLB history.

Moreover, who has the most records in tennis? Most Singles Titles

Throughout the history of tennis there have been lot’s of legends but nobody has one more than Jimmy Connors with a ATP World Tour-era leading tallies of 1,256 match wins and 109 titles. Rodger Federer is close behind at 99 career titles.

In this regard, who has won 4 Grand Slams in a row?

Djokovic’s relatively straightforward victory over the world’s second-best player Andy Murray in the French Open Final gave him four consecutive Grand Slam titles in a row. That has not happened since Rod Laver in 1969, just one year after the tournaments started allowing professional players to compete with amateurs.

Has anyone ever won all 4 Grand Slams in one year?

Calendar Year Golden Slam

The Golden Slam, or Golden Grand Slam, is a term created in 1988 when Steffi Graf won all four Grand Slam tournaments and the gold medal in tennis at the Summer Olympics in the same calendar year.

Has any tennis player ever won all 4 Grand Slams?

But only five players have achieved the Grand Slam in singles by winning all four majors in the same year: Don Budge in 1938, Maureen Connolly in 1953, Laver in 1962 and 1969, Margaret Court in 1970 and Steffi Graf in 1988.

Who has the most Grand Slam titles in women’s tennis?

Serena Williams

Who most Wimbledon titles?

Roger Federer

Who has more titles Nadal or Federer?

Nadal leads 6–0 at the French Open and 3–1 at the Australian Open, while Federer leads 3–1 at Wimbledon. The two have yet to meet in the US Open. Both players rank first on the men’s all-time list for the most Grand Slam titles with 20 titles (alongside Novak Djokovic), and hold numerous other records between them.

Who has the most ATP titles in tennis?

John McEnroe won the most titles overall. Jimmy Connors won the most singles titles. Bob and Mike Bryan won 119 doubles titles together.

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