What tennis brand has a skull?


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Thereof, what sports brand has a skull?

Hydrogen sportswear brand
Furthermore, what brand does Mannarino wear?
Hydrogen Tennis

In this way, what is the logo on Mannarino shirt?

The design is fitted in style, and it features a crew neck, moisture wicking fabric and reflective Hydrogen skull logo at centre chest. This unique brand gives players a point of difference and sets them apart on court. Hydrogen is the leading Italian luxury sportswear brand in the world today.

What clothing brand has a skeleton logo?

The logo, designed by graphic designer Micheal Hofler, is based on the “

The Archaeopteryx fossil-inspired logo
Type Subsidiary
Website arcteryx.com

What brand does Fabio Fognini wear?

Asics : Fabio signed a three-year footwear sponsorship deal with Asics Italy. He serves the brand as a regional ambassador. Hydrogen : Fabio completely changed his brands in 2017, after he split with Adidas.

What designer has a skull logo?

Alexander McQueen | Designer Fashion and Luxury Clothing.

Who is Mannarino sponsor?

Hydrogen – Hydrogen is one of the leading Italian Luxury Sportswear brands. Adrian, in 2018, signed an apparel sponsorship deal with the skull logo. Babolat – Babolat is French tennis, badminton, and squash equipment company. Fabio has a racquet deal with Babolat and currently uses the Babolat Pure Aero racquet.

What brand has a bunny logo?

Psycho Bunny

Who sponsors Fognini?

Sponsorships Men Singles

First Name Last Name Racket
Roger Federer Wilson
Fabio Fognini Babolat
Bjorn Fratangelo Dunlop Srixon
Taylor Fritz Head

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