What shoes does Naomi Osaka use?

Naomi Osaka, currently ranked #3 in the world, is one of those players, and she’ll be ready for the tournament from both a competitive and a sartorial standpoint thanks to her new Nike (NYSE:NKE -0.54%) shoes: a special take on NikeCourt’s Air Zoom GP Turbo.

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Beside this, what tennis shoes is Osaka wearing?

Naomi Osaka’s Nike Air Zoom GP Turbo women’s tennis shoes for the 2021 US Open will be a colorful celebration of her multicultural roots and youthful style.

Keeping this in consideration, who is Naomi Osakas boyfriend?

YBM Cordae

In this manner, is Naomi Osaka a fashion designer?

Fashion | Naomi Osaka. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of Haiti or the eclectic ensembles on the streets of Japan, Naomi takes it all in and spins it into fashion gold. She’s not just inventing her own style, but inspiring designers worldwide to create the next wave of fashion.

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