What shoes does David Goffin?


  • Asics[7]
  • Wilson[2]

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Considering this, what tennis racket does Milos Raonic use?

So, Which is Milos Raonic’s Racquet? Raonic is not only endorsed by Wilson, he also uses their racquets and Raonic’s current racquet is the Wilson Blade 98 v7. The string he uses on his racquet are LUXILON M2 Pro 1.25 16L.

Beside above, what racket does Tsitsipas use?

Blade 98 V7 18 x 20

Keeping this in consideration, who plays Wilson Blade 98?

Current racquet of choice is the Yonex VCORE Pro 97 310. Marco: Open level lefty aggressive baseliner with a semi-western forehand and a one-handed backhand. He currently plays with a Wilson Blade 98 16×19 Countervail.

What racquet does Djokovic actually use?

1, Novak Djokovic is currently using the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro racket. Like most professional players, Djokovic uses a Pro Stock frame, which is a Head racquet, known as the PT113B. However when he initially broke onto the ATP tour, the Serb used a Wilson sponsored racquet until 2008.

What racket does Serena Williams use?

Wilson Blade SW102 Autograph

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