What racquet does Serena Williams actually use?

Wilson Blade SW102 Autograph

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Moreover, what size racket does Serena Williams use?

Currently, Serena Williams uses the Wilson Blade SW104 racquet (customized for her game). Serena Williams Tennis racquet differs slightly from the stock versions. One of the unique features of the Wilson Blade SW104 is the larger than the average head size of 104 inches and an extended length of 28 inches.

People also ask, what racquet does Serena use 2021?
Blade SW102 Autograph

Regarding this, what grip tape does Serena Williams use?

#2 – Wilson Pro Overgrip

This is the grip-of-choice for Roger Federer and Serena Williams. The Wilson Pro Overgrip is made from stretchy felt and has a tapered starting end, which provides faster, easier application.

What is the most expensive tennis racket in the world?

The Proximus Diamond Games tennis racquet is actually a prize but it still tops the list with an estimated worth of a whopping $1.3 million. This practical/prize tennis racquet is made from pure gold and weighs 8.8 pounds. Apart from this, it is also studded with around 1,700 real diamonds.

What is Serena Williams ranked?

Serena Williams

Career record 855–152 (84.9%)
Career titles 73 (5th in overall rankings)
Highest ranking No. 1 (July 8, 2002)
Current ranking No. 41 (September 13, 2021)

What racquet does Novak Djokovic use?

Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro

What is Nadal racket?

What Racquet Does Rafael Nadal Actually Use? Nadal is the poster boy for the Babolat Pure Aero, one of the best selling racquets currently on the market. … Nadal has used this racquet since 2004 and the only changes he has made to it over the years have been the addition of some weight, which we’ll talk about below.

What racket does Tsitsipas use?

Blade 98 V7 18 x 20

What tennis racket should I buy?

Ideally, you should choose a racket with a larger head size. A racket with a larger head size will have a larger sweet spot. This is the area in the middle of the racket where you want to hit your shots. Having a larger sweet spot is useful for beginners, because your technique is still developing.

What racquet does Ash Barty use?

Head Graphene 360 Speed MP tennis racquet

What pros use Wilson blade?


  • Roger Federer.
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas.
  • Kei Nishikori.
  • Milos Raonic.
  • Gael Monfils.
  • Grigor Dimitrov.
  • David Goffin.
  • Feliciano Lopez.

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