What racket does Watanabe use?


YUTA WATANABE RACKET: Aeronaut 9000C (2020)

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In this regard, what is Yuta Watanabe racket?

Yuta Watanabe is currently using the Yonex Duora Z Strike.

Subsequently, what racket is Lee Zii Jia using?
Victor Thruster Ryuga Badminton Racket

Similarly, what racket does Higashino use?

Yonex Nanoflare 700

Is Li Ning Japanese?

Li-Ning Company Limited is a Chinese sportswear and sports equipment company founded by former Olympic gymnast Li Ning. The company endorses a number of athletes and teams worldwide.

Who uses Duora Z strike?

There are a number of professional players using Yonex Duora Z Strike including new World Champion Viktor Axelsen, Olympic Champion Carolina Marin and a host of other singles players.

How much does Yuta Watanabe make?

He was the 15th best-paid player of the Toronto Raptors last year.

Season Team Salary
2019/20 Memphis Grizzlies $79,568 ($80,081*)
2018/19 Memphis Grizzlies $77,250 ($79,030*)
Total $894,814 ($897,107*)

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