What racket does Garbine Muguruza use?

Babolat Pure Drive racket

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Also know, what tennis racquet does Sofia Kenin use?

Sofia Kenin uses the Babolat Pure Drive USA when she is playing at the highest level. This is not too different from regular Babolat Pure Drive in terms of their specifications. Kenin also uses Babolat RPM and Babolat Natural Gut in the mains and crosses respectively as her tennis racquet strings.

Herein, what tennis shoes does Muguruza wear? She currently wears the Adidas Sole Court Boost shoes on the court.

Hereof, what racquet does pliskova play with?

Babolat Pure Drive

What racquet does Swiatek use?

T-Rebound 298

What racquet does Barty use?

Head Graphene 360 Speed MP tennis racquet

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