What nationality is Tom Hill tennis coach?


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Hereof, who has Tom Hill coached?

Maria Sakkari
In respect to this, who is Sakkari tennis coach?
Tom Hill

Plays Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
Coach Thomas Johansson (2017–18) Mark Petchey (2018) Tom Hill (2018–)
Prize money US$5,149,164
Career record 361–236 (60.5%)

Also to know is, who is Tom Hill?

Tom Hill, MSW, joined the National Council for Mental Wellbeing in March 2017 as Vice President of Practice Improvement. Mr. Hill previously served as a Presidential Appointee in the position of Senior Advisor on Addiction and Recovery to the SAMHSA Administrator.

How old is Tom Hill tennis coach?

The 25-year-old Hill has guided both Danielle Collins and Sakkari to the Top 50. We caught up with Tom Hill, who has been spending the coronavirus shutdown at home in Birmingham, for this interview in which he discusses his tennis roots, his approach to coaching Sakkari and essential coaching advice he’s received.

Is Tsitsipas dating Sakkari?

Tsitsipas isn’t dating Sakkari, but he does have a girlfriend. Her name is Theodora Petalas, and the two met about three years ago when Tsitsipas was in New York City.

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