What kind of sunglasses are best for tennis?

7 Best Sunglasses for Tennis Players

  1. Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses. See it on Amazon. …
  2. RIVBOS Polarized Sport Sunglasses. See it on Amazon. …
  3. Tifosi Women’s Alpe 2.0 Sunglasses. See it on Amazon. …
  4. Bolle Bolt Sunglasses. See it on Amazon. …
  5. Nike Show X2 Sunglasses. …
  6. Nike Tailwind Sunglasses. …
  7. Under Armour Core 2.0 Sunglasses.

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Regarding this, do tennis pros wear sunglasses?

Many famous tennis players also wear glasses on the court to improve their visual acuity. This is proof that wearing eyewear does not have to get in the way of a good game.

Subsequently, who makes Bolle? In 2001, Bushnell acquired the Bollé and Serengeti Eyewear brands. Bollé, Cébé and Serengeti were part of Vista Outdoor’s acquisition of Bushnell in 2013. A&M Capital Europe, a London based middle-market private equity firm, acquired Bollé Brands from Vista Outdoor Inc. (“Vista”) in 2018.

Then, are Bolle Bolt sunglasses polarized?

POLARIZATION. Phantom+ combines all of our 3 technologies adding a 4th additional element: polarization. Polarized lenses are largely recognized today for their benefits in terms of blocking parasitic light reflections.

Are Polarized sunglasses bad for tennis?

The SportRx Expert Advice on Tennis Sunglasses

If you’re going to wear these really nice new sunglasses or prescription sunglasses on and off the tennis court, and polarized lenses are an important feature that don’t affect your tennis game, then by all means, go for the polarized tennis sunglasses.

What Colour lenses are best for sunglasses?

Sunglasses with green lenses provide better contrast than gray lenses and transmit color accuracy better than brown lenses. Ideal for both sunny and low-light environments, green lenses have a way of reducing glare while brightening shadows.

Why do tennis players not wear glasses?

Why would a tennis player choose NOT to wear sunglasses

They can let in slithers of light. They do not allow the eye to adjust quickly when weather conditions change. They can alter visual perception and depth perception.

Can I wear glasses while playing tennis?

The short answer: Yes! Vision does not have to be the obstacle that comes between you and your game. The key to wearing corrective lenses on the tennis court is to have prescription eyewear designed specifically with sport performance in mind.

Where are Bolle sunglasses manufactured?


Where is Bolle based?


What does Bolle mean?

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