What kind of string is Luxilon?

monofilament polyester strings

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Just so, how do I choose a Luxilon string?

As with most co-polyester strings, we recommend stringing 4G with a tension that is approximately 10% lower than you would string with a nylon string. Luxilon offers 4G in 16L (1.25 mm), 16 (1.30 mm) and 15 (1.41 mm) gauges. They also offer the 16L gauge in a rough version.

Also, what kind of string is Luxilon Big Banger? The string improves on the first generation line of polyester strings by using a copoly construction with aluminum. The aluminum present in Big Banger ALU Power is unique to the Luxilon line giving the string a softer feel and more playability.

Herein, which is the best Luxilon string?

Luxilon ALU Power

What gauge tennis string should I use?

15/1.40mm: Thickest gauge; best for advanced players looking for maximum durability and control. 16/1.30mm: Medium-thick gauge; best for competitive players who break strings frequently. … 17/1.25mm: Medium thin gauge; best for beginner and intermediate players who are looking for power and comfort.

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