What kind of racket does Shapovalov use?

Shapovalov has been using the legendary Wilson Six One 95 (this classic and popular line of racquets have recently been re-issued) for most of his young tennis life, but is now being sponsored by Yonex and will be playing with the Yonex SV 95 (read about the well-reviewed Yonex SV line) .

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In this manner, who uses the Yonex Vcore?

Naomi Osaka
Similarly one may ask, what racquet does Novak Djokovic use?
Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro

Secondly, what string tension does Denis Shapovalov use?


Player Racquet Brand Tension (Crosses)
Denis Shapovalov Yonex 51 lbs.
Roberto Bautista Agut Wilson 57 lbs.
David Goffin Wilson 48 lbs.
Diego Schwartzman Head 50 lbs.

What is the difference between Yonex Ezone and Vcore?

The EZONE has a thicker frame, yet provides loads of feel, leading to a friendly and powerful frame. The choice of Naomi Osaka and Nick Kyrgios. The VCORE has a crisp feeling and is loaded with spin, providing a quick drop and high bounce at the opponents end forcing a retreat.

Who uses the Yonex Ezone 98?

The Yonex Ezone 98 series is likely the bestselling Yonex racquet of all time (just guessing). With players such as Nick Kyrgios (Xi 98), Naomi Osaka (Ai 98), Marton Fucsovics (Dr 98), and plenty of other players using this line of racquets – it’s been a blockbuster among competitive players the world over.

What pros use the Yonex Vcore?

Yonex Pro Player Gear

  • Naomi Osaka. Naomi Osaka climbed to the top of the rankings after winning back to back major titles and became the No. …
  • Stan Wawrinka. …
  • Angelique Kerber. …
  • Nick Kyrgios. …
  • Denis Shapovalov. …
  • Belinda Bencic. …
  • Steve Johnson.

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