What is Vondrousova ranked?

Career record 186–81 (69.7%)
Career titles 1 WTA, 7 ITF
Highest ranking No. 14 (1 July 2019)
Current ranking No. 35 (13 September 2021)

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Also to know is, what is cirstea ranked?

Sorana Cîrstea

Highest ranking No. 21 (12 August 2013)
Current ranking No. 40 (13 September 2021)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian Open 4R (2017)
Beside this, how many rounds are there in Wimbledon tennis? The singles qualifying competitions are three-round events. From 2019 singles qualification will increase to 128 players and no doubles qualification will occur. Previously the same-sex doubles competitions lasted for only two rounds. There is no qualifying tournament for Mixed Doubles.

Keeping this in view, who won women’s French Open 2019?

Ashleigh Barty

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