What is topspin and backspin in table tennis?

When you impart topspin onto the ball, the forward spin increases the downward pressure on the ball, so that after it bounces on the table it will stay low and accelerate forwards. When a topspin stroke makes contact with your opponent’s racket, the topspin will cause it to rebound in an upward direction. 2. Backspin.

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In respect to this, how do you Topspin backspin in table tennis?

Similarly one may ask, how do you counter backspin in table tennis?

Beside above, how do you hit topspin?

Is topspin better than flat?

But sometimes, if the ball is higher, a flat hit may be a better option than playing topspin. It’s useful to be able to play both shots – topspin and a flat hit. This will add more variety to your attacking game. If you normally topspin everything, try throwing in the occasional flat hit.

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