What is the shortest badminton match lasted?

4. A badminton match once lasted just 6 minutes. The shortest badminton match ever recorded was at the 1996 Uber Cup in Hong Kong, which lasted all of six minutes!

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Likewise, people ask, how did the shortest badminton match in the world?

Shortest badminton match. The shortest badminton match ever recorded was at the 1996 Uber Cup in HongKong, which lasted 6 minutes! Ra Kyung-min (South Korea) crushed Julia Mann (England) 11-2, 11-1 in that match.

Also know, do you know the shortest badminton match? The shortest badminton match, ever played, lasted for only six minutes. Ra Kyung-min of South Korea tamed England’s Julia Mann 11-2, 11-1 at the 1996 Uber Cup in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the longest match in badminton lasted 124 minutes. It was played between Peter Rasmussen (Denmark) and Sun Jun (China).

Hereof, what is the shortest badminton bat?

Udaipur’s well known miniature sculptor Iqbal Sakka has added another feather to his cap. This time he has created, what he claims to be, the world’s smallest badminton and shuttlecock set. The two rackets are a mere 7 mm in length. …

Who is the father of badminton?

He was ranked World No. 1 in 1980; the same year he became the first Indian to win the All England Open Badminton Championships.

Prakash Padukone
Country India
Born 10 June 1955 Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Handedness Right

What is the first name of badminton?

The original name of badminton is Poona, which comes from a city of the same name in India where badminton was popular among British military officers. The name and rules for Poona were first known to be made in 1873.

What are badminton balls called?


Who is the first player of badminton?

Prakash Padukone

Badminton in India
Badminton developed in British India in the mid-1800s
Country India
Governing body Badminton Association of India
National team(s) India

What are five shots you can make in badminton?

There are five different types of badminton shots or strokes: Serves, clears, smashes, drives and drops. Each of the five different shots used in different situations throughout the game.

Who is best badminton player in world?

BWF World Rankings

4 TPE CHOU Tien Chen

How long was the longest badminton match?

161 minutes

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