What is the service line in tennis?

Service line – The line in the middle of the court that runs parallel to the net. Serves will need to land in front of that line to be called good, and this is also the area of the court where you’ll hit most of your volleys.

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Simply so, where is the service line on a tennis court?

Service line: The line that is parallel to the net and is located between the baseline and the net. It marks the end of the service boxes. Side T: The T shape formed by the service line and the singles sideline.

In this manner, what are the two service lines in tennis? The lines on a tennis court define the area where the ball is allowed to land during the point. The baseline is the line that represents the furthest back a ball can land; the singles and doubles sidelines mark the outer edge along the side of the court; finally, the service box indicates where a serve has to land.

In this way, what are the 3 types of serves in tennis?

In the game of tennis, there are four commonly used serves: the “flat serve”, the “slice serve”, the “kick serve”, and the “underhand serve”. All of these serves are legal in professional and amateur play.

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Major Walter Clopton Wingfield

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