What is the price of Yonex badminton kit?

Yonex Badminton Kit Set (2 GR303 Racquets + 1 SUNR1004 Kitbag + Pack of 6 Mavis500 Shuttlecock)

M.R.P.: ₹3,490.00
Price: ₹2,999.00
You Save: ₹491.00 (14%)
Inclusive of all taxes

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Likewise, which is the best badminton kit bag?

Top 10 Best Badminton Kit Bags Reviews in 2021

  • Yonex SUNR 9626 TG BT6 SR Kit Bag Black Backpack. …
  • Yonex SUNR WP11 TK BT6 Badminton Kit Bag. …
  • Senston Badminton Racket Bag.
  • LI-NING 2019 Badminton Racket Bag. …
  • YANG-YANG Professional Badminton Equipment Bag. …
  • Dynamic Shuttle Sports Premium Quality Badminton Racket Bag.
Moreover, what is in the badminton kit bag? Badminton Backpacks

Typically, a badminton backpack features a specific pocket for a racket, a dedicated area for shoes, and other smaller pockets for the umpteen knick-knacks you might end up needing while playing.

One may also ask, how do you stitch in badminton?

Which Yonex series is best?

Using the very latest badminton technology from Yonex, the Astrox 66 is the best racket for improving and beginner players. Thanks to the 4U weight, this racket is very light to play with, and the head-heavy balance and flexible shaft ensure that this racket is user-friendly and offers excellent power.

Which is better Yonex or lining?

Yonex voltric is developed with tri Voltage system which is more accurate system for better racket performance. Li Ning G Force Pro 2600 is developed on G force technology which uses ultra light frame and Dynamic Optimum frame technology to deliver best in class racket performance.

What are badminton balls called?


What shoes are good for badminton?

Top 10 Best badminton Shoes

  • ASICS Men’s GEL-Rocket 9.
  • ASICS Men’s Upcourt 3 Volleyball Shoes.
  • LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes.
  • ASICS Men’s Gel-Tactic 2 Training Shoes.
  • Adidas Men’s Stabil X Volleyball Shoe.
  • YONEX Power Cushion 03 Men’s Indoor Court Shoe.
  • Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z4 Volleyball Shoes.

What is backhand grip in badminton?

The backhand grip, also known as the thumb grip, is similar to the forehand grip except the complete bottom of the thumb is in contact with the 3rd bevel and the index finger is lowered down to a position below the thumb.

What do you wear to badminton?

The absolute basics to wear for Badminton are:

  • Good quality cotton sports socks.
  • A pair of sports shorts or a skirt.
  • A light sports T-shirt.
  • A quality pair of Badminton shoes.

How do you wear a badminton cover?

What are the badminton accessories?

The commonly used Badminton Accessories are Grip, Badminton Clothes, Socks, Wrist Band and Head Band.

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