What is the most effective serve in table tennis?

#1 – Short Sidespin Pendulum Serve

This serve is very effective. One of the best set up serve in table tennis. … Because it’s very hard to return this serve well. The ball is always returned to your pivot position.

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Likewise, what is the hardest table tennis serve?

reverse pendulum/shovel serve

Regarding this, what makes a good table tennis serve? You should try to impart as much backspin as possible onto the ball and make it bounce close to the net. A short backspin serve can be very effective if your opponent has difficulty returning backspin strokes. Stand close to, and facing, the table and take a low stance. Keep your arm relaxed and your wrist loose.

Likewise, people ask, why do table tennis players throw the ball so high?

Why Do Olympic Table Tennis Players Toss the Ball So High When They Serve? … Tossing the ball higher can help a player put more spin on her serve. Gheorghe notes that a well-tossed ball builds velocity on its descent, which can help a player impart more topspin, backspin, or sidespin.

How do you serve like a pro in table tennis?

Who has the fastest serve in tennis?

Sam Groth

Is table tennis the fastest sport?

Badminton is considered the world’s fastest sport based on the speed the birdie which can travel over 200 mph. In one match analyzed, table-tennis averaged 2.00 hits per second where as badminton averaged 1.72 hits per second. …

How many serves do you get in table tennis?

2 serves

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