What is the most common strategy used in doubles badminton?

Winning Badminton Tips for Doubles (Strategies, Tactics and Tips)

  • Serve, return of serve and third shot are key.
  • Get your defensive positioning right.
  • Place your smashes with purpose.
  • Keep the initiative, get on the attack.
  • Trust your partner, play as a team.
  • Footwork still matters.

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Keeping this in view, how can I improve my badminton doubles?

In doubles, the first two shots can prove critical. The whole aim of doubles is to keep the shuttle as low as possible. Playing a shot high into the air is a cardinal sin. With doubles being a quick-paced game, the placement of the serve and return can immediately decide if your team wins the point or not.

Simply so, what is the basic strategy when playing doubles?

Just so, what are some strategies for badminton?


  • Singles. Make opponent move quickly by using different shots. Make shots to the corners. After making a shot, always come back to the center of the court. …
  • Doubles. Short serves are better. Target the space between opponents. When receiving, play aggressively toward the net.

What are the 5 basic skills in badminton?

The 5 Basic Badminton Skills (With Examples, Videos and Images)

  • Grip.
  • Serve.
  • Footwork.
  • Stance.
  • Stroke.

Why is the strategy side side a good doubles team strategy in badminton?

Doubles positioning

The other player on each team then takes up the back position near the midcourt. … When defending: Players move into a side by side system because if the other team are attacking they are more likely to aim the shuttle down at the midcourt.

How do you trick your opponent in badminton?

How do you beat a better badminton player?

Top 7 Badminton Tips for Singles (Win More Games)

  1. Control the base position.
  2. Work on fluency in footwork.
  3. Limit your opponents’ options.
  4. Master spinning net shots.
  5. Deceptive hold and flick from the net.
  6. Learn your opponents’ habits.
  7. Don’t give away free points.

What are the technical and tactical skills of badminton?

The Skills, Techniques and Tactics of Badminton

  • The Basic Badminton Grip.
  • Overhead Clear.
  • Overhead Drop Shot.
  • Central Base. Position.
  • Overhead Drop Shot.
  • Hitting to the Corners.
  • Badminton Grip.
  • Overhead Clear.

How do you beat doubles team better than you?

8 Winning Tips And Strategies To Take Down A Stronger Doubles…

  • Watch and learn. …
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses. …
  • Listen to your partner. …
  • Change up the pace. …
  • Change up your serve. …
  • Adjust your strategy. …
  • Play like you have nothing to lose.

How do you win doubles with a weak partner?

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