What is the height of badminton net pole?

Posts. The posts are 1.55m high from the surface of the court and remain vertical when the net is strained. The posts are placed on the double side lines irrespective of whether singles or doubles is played. The posts or supports must not extend into the court beyond the side lines.

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Simply so, what is the size of a badminton net?

20ft x 2.5ft

Also to know is, what is the size of badminton court for doubles? Badminton Courts have a length of 44′ (13.4 m), but double courts are 20′ (6.1 m) wide while single courts are reduced to 17′ (5.18 m); shrinking by 1.5′ (. 46 m) on both sides.

Just so, what is the height of the net at the sides?

5 ft 1 inch

What are the lines for singles badminton?

A badminton court has two lines that run vertically and two lines that run horizontally. In singles, the court is long and narrow and thus we use the inner two vertical lines and the horizontal back line. Anything that lands within the box or right on those lines is in, and anything outside those lines is out.

What is the original name of badminton?


What are badminton balls called?


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