What is the current world record for fastest badminton smash?

493 km/h.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the world record for badminton?

493 km/h

Moreover, what is the most powerful smash in badminton? 1 Lee Chong Wei’s 408 km per hour (kmh) missile at last year’s Hong Kong Open has been recognised as the most powerful smash in badminton since September, close to the top speed clocked by the fastest production car in the world.

Also to know is, how fast is the average badminton smash?

It would show something ridiculously slow like 40 km/h. At a higher level, the average smash speed is 250 and a hard one is in the 300 range.” A broader use of technology is also how badminton coaches can boost training methods and technical development, said Lau.

Who is the fastest smash player?

Sonic. Staying true to his persona, Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest fighter in the game. This SEGA character was introduced to the franchise upon the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and uses his supersonic speed as his main tool for offense.

Who is the oldest badminton player?

Lin You-mao

Who is God of badminton?

Is Lin Dan on the decline or is it the start of something new? Born in Fujiyan China, Lin Dan (or Super Dan as his fans appropriately call him), is considered as the greatest of all players to have ever played the game of badminton.

Which country is the best in badminton?


Who is the greatest badminton player of all time?

Top 10 Badminton Players of all time

  • Number 9 & 8: Peter Høeg Gade & Morten Frost Hansen.
  • Number 7: Tony Gunawan.
  • Number 6: Li Lingwei.
  • Number 5: Rudy Hartono.
  • Number 4: Taufik Hidayat.
  • Number 3: Gao Ling.
  • Number 2: Lee Chong Wei.
  • Number 1: Lin Dan.

What’s the fastest badminton hit?

In a recent Premier Badminton Match between the Chennai Smashers and Delhi Acers, Danish badminton player Mads Pieler Kolding set a new world record for the fastest smash ever. He smashed the shuttlecock at an incredible speed of a 265 mph, which converts to roughly 426 km/h.

How fast do pro badminton players hit?

The fastest badminton hit in competition by a male is 426 kph (264.70 mph), and was achieved by Mads Pieler Kolding (Denmark) in Bangalore, India, on 10 January 2017. Mads Pieler Kolding achieved this record during a Badminton Premier League match playing for the Chennai Smashers.

Who has the best backhand in badminton?

Taufik is the ONLY badminton player capable of hitting such powerful backhand smashes. I think he holds the record of hitting the fastest backhand smash (260 km per hour). So far he is the only person to ever hit such a powerful backhand smashes during a competition.

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