What is the best diet for tennis players?

Tennis Nutrition: Eating Right

  • BEST: water, seltzer, club soda, mineral water, flavoured water.
  • Very Good: 100% fruit juices, lemonade, tomato and vegetable juices, low-fat/skimmed milk.
  • Good: raw fruits and vegetables.
  • So-so: soft drinks (diet soft drinks in moderation), decaffeinated coffee, yogurt.

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In this way, what should I drink before tennis?

To properly hydrate for a tennis match, or even a practice session, you want to drink 12-16 oz. of water 1 hour before even stepping on the court. On top of that, drink fluids often throughout the day.

Keeping this in consideration, what are some good nutrition tips? Following these nutrition tips will help a person make healthy food choices.

  • Include protein with every meal. Including some protein with every meal can help balance blood sugar. …
  • Eat oily fish. …
  • Eat whole grains. …
  • Eat a rainbow. …
  • Eat your greens. …
  • Include healthful fats. …
  • Use extra virgin olive oil. …
  • Eat nuts.

One may also ask, what tennis players eat in a day?

Breads, cereals, rice, pasta, fruits, and vegetables are all good primary sources of carbohydrates that should be regularly included in a tennis player’s diet. Foods with a high glycemic index – to quickly raise your blood sugar level – are good choices, too.

What do tennis pros drink during matches?

He recommends water in the morning, energy drinks with fructose and hydration drinks during workouts, and protein drinks after play. Professional tennis players usually drink both water and sports drinks during a match.

How much water should a tennis player drink?

Drink at least 16-20 oz. of water (one standard bottle) or electrolyte-enhanced sports drink two hours before the tennis practice or matchplay. Drink 4-8 oz. (4-8 normal swallows or 1.4-1.2 a regular size bottle) for a light to medium sweater and 8-16 oz.

What do tennis players eat during breaks?

Suitable snacks include fruit, dried fruit, muesli bars or sandwiches with honey or jam. Many athletes don’t like to eat whilst they are playing as they find the food can sit in their stomach, in these cases, specialised sports foods such as gels, energy bars and sports drinks can be useful as they digest rapidly.

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