What is the area of a table tennis table?

In all competitions, the playing area for a full size table should be 8 m long by 4 m wide. This is essential to safely allow the players to chase around the table after well-placed shots.

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Moreover, what is the size of a table tennis?

The table is 2.74 m (9.0 ft) long, 1.525 m (5.0 ft) wide, and 76 cm (2.5 ft) high with any continuous material so long as the table yields a uniform bounce of about 23 cm (9.1 in) when a standard ball is dropped onto it from a height of 30 cm (11.8 in), or about 77%.

In respect to this, how much space do you need for a table tennis table in Metres? So you can see from the diagram above, ideally you need a room which is at least 6.74 metres long and 3.525 metres wide.

One may also ask, what is the height of table from floor in table tennis?


What are the rules in table tennis?

The ball must first bounce on your side and then in your opponents. Your opponent must allow the ball to hit their side of the table before trying to return this. The ball must pass cleanly over the net – if it ‘clips’ the net and goes over, it is a ‘let’ and the serve is retaken.

How many times can player serve in a row of table tennis?

According to the laws of table tennis, a player can win a game of table tennis by scoring 11 points – with one point awarded for every infringement. Every player gets to serve twice in a row. The first to 11 points is declared the winner.

Who is the father of table tennis?

Ivor Montagu

What is the hardest part of the game in table tennis?

shot selection

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