What is special about ECCO shoes?

Known for their comfort, support and style, it comes as no surprise that ECCO shoes are often recommended by podiatrists. The built in support around the arch and the heel, along with innovative design and materials make their shoes a very strong contender and we very often recommend a them to our customers in stores.

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Accordingly, is ECCO a luxury brand?

ECCO has grown into one of the world’s foremost premium golf shoe brands, handcrafting each shoe at company-owned factories using premium leathers produced at its own tanneries.

In this manner, is ECCO a good shoe brand? With five stars overall, the ECCO is equally comfortable and stylish. The shoe is mainly made from durable leather with a rubber sole. Those who’ve worn them say they are great for wider feet and offer good arch support, so you don’t need to add orthotics as you would with other shoes.

Simply so, where are ECCO shoes made?

Today the ECCO Leather Group today is comprised of four production units in The Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand and China. ECCO’s tanning facilities produce the finest premium leather. With more than 200 hands touching every piece of leather, the craftsmanship and quality of ECCO leather is unsurpassed.

Are Ecco shoes worth the price?

The Ecco brand definitely wins in terms of durability and, in terms of casual shoes, even aesthetic. But they do tend to cost much more than the Clarks, so you may find them on the pricey side if you’re trying to limit your budget.

Are Ecco shoes waterproof?

Breathe Easy in All Conditions. GORE-TEX® technology makes your shoe 100% waterproof and windproof, while allowing your foot’s natural moisture to escape, keeping you comfortable all day long.

Is ECCO made in China?

Production. ECCO owns tanneries in the Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia and China. … Approximately 98% of ECCO’s shoes are produced in its own shoe factories in Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and China, and some under licence in India.

Does ECCO use real leather?

Are Ecco’s shoes and bags only made with leathers tanned by your own companies/laboratories? At Ecco we are very proud of owning the entire value chain. … This also enables us to produce the majority of leathers that we are using; Ecco Leather produces approximately 97% of the leathers that we use in our shoes.

Do Ecco shoes ever go on sale?

About Ecco

For men, you’ll find dress shoes, sneakers and sandals and much more. Does Ecco ever have sales? Sales happen seasonally at Ecco, so be sure to visit whenever the change in seasons happen. You can also sign up for Ecco’s email newsletter to get updates on all the upcoming sales and some exclusive discounts.

How long do ECCO sneakers last?

But if you buy the Ecco, you just might get 2-7 years out of them. And if you get a welted shoe like Meermin, and you treat it well, you could get 5-10 years out of them. But again, it is all greatly dependent on how often you wear them, how often you polish them and if you use shoe trees, shoe horns etc.

Are ECCO sneakers good for walking?

I have always found Ecco shoes very comfortable. These are no exception. Indeed they are great for walking. The front opens up to provide a little more room than Ecco dress shoes.

Do Ecco shoes break in?

When you first put them on, they are comfortable, no break in time needed, but…. once they do break in, OMG… if feels like they mold to your feet, and they will be even more comfortable, more than you can imagine.

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