What is jumping smash in badminton?

A jump smash is basically taking a jump before hitting the shuttle to give it a steeper angle and making it very hard for the opponent to return.

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Furthermore, who invented the jump smash in badminton?

Liem Swie King
Just so, what are badminton balls called?

In this regard, how do you do a footwork in badminton?

The footwork will be a chasse on the side and the sequence will be left foot into the right before the right foot is taken out sideways away from the left. The final step with the racket leg should allow you with your extended arm and racket to reach the shuttle. Keep your upper body still and try not to drop the head.

How do you master jump in Smash Bros?

What is the technique of badminton?

Badminton Techniques, The Life of Badminton

Area of the Court Different Badminton Techniques in that Area
Serve / Service High/Long Serve Short Serve Flick Serve
Front Court (Also known as Net Play!) Lift / Clear Net Shot Net Kill
Mid Court Block Side Drive Shot Lift / Clear
Rear Court/ Baseline Lob Shot Smash Drop Shot

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