What is difference between Babolat Pure Drive and pure drive team?

The Pure Drive Team offers the tried and true recipe of all court power from the regular Pure Drive in a setup that is lighter and more maneuverable. This update has a smoother response and even more power and spin potential.

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Similarly one may ask, is pure drive a good racquet?

The Pure Drive has Solid Control and Feel

That’s one of the things that makes this racquet so good. The racquet is even more comfortable to control if you opt for the Pure Drive Team or Lite. Naturally, you’ll lose a bit of power on your shots, but you’ll get more control and better handling.

Subsequently, which tennis players use pure drive? #1 – Babolat Pure Drive

This racquet is used by many pros including Andy Roddick when he played on tour.

Hereof, is Babolat Pure aero good for beginners?

#6 – Babolat Pure Aero Lite

The Pure Aero is used by Rafael Nadal. This lightweight version is a great racquet for beginners who want to have the option to become more advanced players. … We recommend this racquet for athletic beginners or recreational tennis players looking to take their game up a level.

Which is better pure drive or pure strike?

We’ve found they have a more flexible feel and offer better feedback than the Pure Aeros and Pure Drives. Beginners will want to start by looking at the Pure Strike Team as it is the lightest, and easiest to swing model in the line up.

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