What is an oversize tennis racket?

Oversize racquets provide a much larger hitting area which is why they are typically marketed to beginners and intermediates, however they can be a little more “unruly” than a midsize frame. Super-oversize racquets were made popular to a niche market in the 70’s, however it was more gimmick than substance.

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Also question is, what is the biggest tennis racket size?

LENGTH. Many adult racquets are 27 inches long. However, they can go up to 29 inches – the maximum length allowed in tournament play. The benefit of a longer racquet is it allows for more reach on groundstrokes and additional leverage on serves.

Keeping this in view, who should use an oversize tennis racquet? The purpose of oversize racquets is to assist players in getting the ball back and making it less cumbersome to swing. Not everyone can be like the pros hitting with a 90-100 square inch head at an 11+ oz. strung weight their whole life.

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