What is an important racquetball footwork drill for gaming?

Pivot Drill

Stand facing a sidewall with your legs on either side of the back serving line. Pivot toward the front serving line and continue the motion with your upper body, bringing your opposite hand down to touch the line. Then pivot back to your starting position.

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Beside this, how to practice backhand in racquetball?

Considering this, is racquetball hard to learn? The sport is relatively simple to learn and can be played with minimal equipment. If you learn the basic rules of the game, start implementing techniques and strategies, and get the necessary equipment, you’ll be a solid racquetball player in no time.

In respect to this, how do you hit a racquetball harder?

How can I improve my tennis footwork?

How do you hold a racquetball racquet?

What is the winning score in racquetball?

The official USA racquetball rules state that the match winner has to win the best of three sets. This can either be done by winning two sets to 15 or by winning one set to 15 and the tie-breaker set which goes to 11 points. This is also how most recreational players believe the racquetball winner should be decided.

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