What is an example of a groundstroke in tennis?

A groundstroke or ground stroke in tennis is a forehand or backhand shot that is executed after the ball bounces once on the court. It is usually hit from the back of the tennis court, around the baseline. … For example, one groundstroke may use topspin and another backspin.

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Subsequently, when executing a groundstroke should you always?

Proper footwork is essential to execute a good groundstroke

The movements in the lower and upper body of the player are also essential to improve and put more power on your tennis groundstroke whether it is the forehand or backhand. If any tennis player wants to improve the tennis groundstroke is that grip.

Beside this, what is a backhand groundstroke? The backhand is a tennis shot in which one swings the racquet around one’s body with the back of the hand preceding the palm. Except in the phrase backhand volley, the term refers to a groundstroke (that is, one in which the ball has bounced before it is struck). … The backhand can be a one-handed or two-handed stroke.

Also, what are the two ground strokes in tennis?

There are two different types of backhand strokes: the 1-handed and 2-handed. This is done with the back face of a tennis racquet. The backhand is when the player uses their opposite hand and swings in the opposite direction of their forehand. A 1-handed stroke extends the player’s reach and control over the ball.

What is the first shot in tennis called?


What are the skills in tennis?

All games of tennis consist of six basic strokes: the serve, forehand groundstroke, backhand groundstroke, forehand volley, backhand volley, and the overhead smash. The 6 basic “strokes” are the fundamental movements a player performs to hit a tennis ball.

What stroke is the most difficult stroke in the game?


Which stroke in tennis is made with the front of the hand?

Forehand (Groundstroke)

The tennis forehand is a stroke in which the inner side of the palm of the dominant hand that is holding the racket faces forward. Essentially, the tennis forehand is made by swinging the racket across one’s body in the direction of where one wants to land the ball.

What is the most important stroke in tennis?

The 5 most important tennis strokes

  • Serve – Perfecting the serve can be the key to winning the match. …
  • Return (of serve) – Now that we know that the serve is the most important stroke, the next step would be to take away your opponent’s most crucial stroke (Their serve)!

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