What is an air hockey table?

: a table game in which two players attempt to score points by using a handheld paddle to shoot a plastic disk across a surface with minimal friction into the opponent’s goal.

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Consequently, are air hockey tables worth it?

Buying an air hockey table is a great investment for any game room. It can provide hours of fun for players of all ages—from kids to seasoned pros. Not every type of player wants the same kind of air hockey table, though.

Moreover, how much is a full size air hockey table? What are the Best Full Size Air Hockey Tables?
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In this manner, what age are air hockey tables for?

Product information

Product Dimensions 22 x 12 x 4 inches
Manufacturer recommended age 14 years and up
Batteries 6 AA batteries required.
Best Sellers Rank #237,639 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games) #205 in Floor Games #9,775 in Baby Care Products
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars 609 ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars

How much does a good air hockey table cost?

The general cost of an air hockey table can vary quite a bit. We will only be looking at prices for high-quality tables in this article, but the price range can still be wide. For small tables, $200-$300 is reasonable. A great table will run between $400-$600.

How do I choose an air hockey table?

Look for an air hockey table that is supported by a sturdy base and legs for a table that will last. Steel legs or wood laminate legs are best. Give the table a push and be sure it’s solid. Look for an air hockey table that has leg levelers so you can level the surface for consistent play.

How long do air hockey tables last?

How long do air hockey tables last? We would say between 1 to 5 years. You can stretch that time if you properly take care of your air hockey table. With knockoffs and cheap construction materials you would be lucky to hit year 2 even if you take care of it.

What size should an air hockey table be?

Regulation-sized tables are typically 84 inches long and about 48 inches wide. It’s a good idea to carefully measure (and re-measure) your space before you buy one to make sure you have not only enough room to fit it but also space for each player to move around with ease.

How much does a used air hockey table cost?

Used air hockey tables can range as low as $20 on Craig’s list and can go up from there. You can get a quality used air hockey table for around $600. The price will depend on the condition, the materials used and how well it was cared for.

Are Harvard air hockey tables good?

From the United States. This is a nice mid-level table. By mid-level I mean that it doesn’t provide arcade-level size and play, but it works very well in a large family or play room. When it arrived I was pleased to see that, while it carries the “Harvard” brand name, it is built by Escalade Sports.

Do air hockey tables need to be plugged in?

Air hockey tables all have a motor that requires electricity to run. The motor is designed to push air up through the hundreds of tiny holes on the table surface to help the puck glide across it. Without being plugged in the puck would hardly move at all and the game would be far less fun.

How heavy is an air hockey table?

Air hockey tables can weigh somewhere in the range of 25 pounds all the way up to 340 pounds. The weight varies depending upon the size of the table, as well as the quality of the table.

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