What is AMC that Andy Murray wears?


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Similarly one may ask, what does AMC stand for on Andy Murray’s cap?

Andy Murray x Castore

Moreover, is Andy Murray sponsored by Castore? Fast-growing UK sportswear brand Castore has signed a second kit deal with a Premier League club. The company, which is part-owned by Sir Andy Murray will now supply Newcastle United FC in a multi-year deal worth several million pounds.

Similarly, how rich is Andy Murray?

Tennis player Andy Murray has an estimated net worth of £58 million. He is the first Brit to win Wimbledon after Fred Perry.

Who are AMC sponsors?

AMC stands for Andy Murray x Castore, the clothing brand he has partnered with for Wimbledon. The partnership means the British star will wear Castore sports clothing throughout the tournament. The brand launched their line with Murray in November 2019 and all the pieces are made of recycled and regenerated materials.

What is the symbol on Andy Murray’s shirt?

A new logo has been created for the brand, combining the iconic Castore wings with ‘AMC’ initialing to represent the official commencement of the Andy Murray and Castore partnership. The AMC wings logo will be used throughout all AMC garments and brand touch-points.

Is Castore a good brand?

Fantastic company with excellent quality products and good customer service. Fantastic company with excellent quality products. Great communication with Mia, when I required a return label for one of the items. We have purchased several items over the last couple of years from Castore and never been disappointed.

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