What is a low short serve?

2. The Low Badminton Serve. The low serve is used when you want the shuttlecock to land in front of the court (in front of your opponent). A GOOD low serve will have the shuttlecock flying JUST ABOVE THE NET. If not, your opponent will have the chance to dash forward and smash the shuttle down to you.

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Beside above, what is the short service in badminton explain?

: a line 6¹/₂ feet behind the net that marks the point beyond which a serve in badminton must travel.

In this regard, what is a high serve in badminton? The high serve sends the shuttle very high, so that it falls almost straight down and lands at the back of the service court. The purpose of this serve is to limit your opponent’s ability to play an attacking shot.

Thereof, how do you run a short serve in badminton?

How to Improve a Short Serve in Badminton (7 Steps)

  1. Stand close to the line, gain more ground.
  2. Have a serving routine, consistency is key.
  3. Have a very short grip.
  4. Hit the shuttle off the sweet spot.
  5. Squeeze with the thumb.
  6. Aim for the “T”
  7. Keep it simple and practice, practice, practice.

What are the 4 types of serves in badminton?

These are the four main types of services in badminton and most can be executed with either your forehand or backhand.

  • Low serve. …
  • High serve. …
  • Flick serve. …
  • Drive Serve.

What are the 5 shots in badminton?

There are five different types of badminton shots or strokes: Serves, clears, smashes, drives and drops.

What are the 3 types of smash in badminton?

Largely there are three ways of executing a badminton smash technique, Forehand, Backhand and Jumping smash.

What is the old name of badminton?


What is fault in badminton?

Contact Faults in Badminton. During play, if the player touches the net or the player’s racket hits the net, it is called a fault.

Can you fake a serve in badminton Why?

The server must deliver the badminton serve with ONE upward stroke. This means that you have only one chance to hit the serve. … Given the badminton service rules, you are not allowed to make fake movements when delivering the service. Once you start swinging your racket forward, you must hit the shuttlecock.

What is the best position in receiving a serve in badminton?

In doubles receiver always try to be more aggressive so a most commonly position for receiving a serve standing as close to the front service line transferring your body weight on to your non racket leg as shown in the picture by bending your knees a little bit extending your racket and no racket arm forward to come as …

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