What is a badminton training racket?

THIS RACKET IS FITTED WITH APACS STRINGS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE WHEN PURCHASED. A lot of top badminton players in the world uses various training techniques to improve arm and wrist strength, and to warm up prior to a match. One of the conventional way was to use a squash racket as the training racket.

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Just so, what is a training racket?

What is a training racket? A training racket is a racket that looks exactly like any ordinary badminton racket, except for its weight. If you are using the racket to just perform off court swings and you do not have access to the special badminton training rackets, then even a squash racket can do the trick.

Accordingly, how do you use a badminton training racket?

Subsequently, are training rackets good?

Another benefit of using a training racket is faster reactions. … But if you practice driving with a training racket, once you switch back to a normal racket, reacting to drives will be a breeze for you. It also won’t just be your drives that are better, all your other shots will be awesome as well.

Which is the best head heavy badminton racket?

Popular head heavy rackets:

  • Yonex 2021 ASTROX 88D PRO Unstrung Badminton Racket [Camel Gold] …
  • Victor Jetspeed S 12 [Yellow] …
  • Victor Thruster K Falcon Badminton Racket. …
  • Victor Thruster F Falcon Claw [White] …
  • Yonex Voltric Z Force II Badminton Racket [Black] …
  • Yonex 2019 Voltric LD-Force Badminton Racket [Red]

Can you play badminton with squash racket?

It is possible to play using your squash rackets but not very good practice, and could lead to injury. If you are just planning on having some fun for an hour or two as a one off and don’t want to buy badminton rackets, using a squash racket won’t be disastrous.

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