What happened to Peng Shuai?

On 8 August 2018, Peng was banned for ‘coercing her partner’ receiving a six months suspension with three months of the ban suspended, and fined $10,000 with $5,000 suspended following an investigation by the Tennis Integrity Unit, for attempting to change her doubles partner by offering the possibility of a financial …

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One may also ask, has Peng Shuai retired?

BEIJING – China’s home favorite Peng Shuai retired on Thursday due to a knee injury while trailing 3-0 in the first set against Jelena Ostapenko of Latvia here at 2017 China Open third round.

In this way, who is Susie Hsieh boyfriend?
coach Frederic Aniere

Likewise, people ask, what does tennis WTA stand for?

the Women’s Tennis Association

What is Shuai?

to decline to wane to become weak or feeble.

What racket does Hsieh Su-Wei use?

According to tennis-prose.com she uses an extended (29-inch!) Yonex VCORE Pro 97 330.

How old is Hsieh Su-Wei?

35 years (January 4, 1986)

How much money has Hsieh won?

Hsieh is one of two currently active female player to record over 500 career wins in both singles and doubles , the other being Lucie Hradecka.

Prize money US$9,756,427
Career record 517–335 (60.7%)
Career titles 3
Highest ranking No. 23 (25 February 2013)

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