What happened to Donnay tennis racquets?

Nowadays Donnay commercialises tennis rackets, strings and bags. Donnay rackets were

Type Private (1910–88)
Defunct 1988
Fate Declared bankruptcy in 1988, acquired and becoming a brand
Headquarters Belgium
Area served Worldwide

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Beside this, are Donnay racquets good?

The racquet is great for spin, it is maneuverable and easy to use, but it is not a serve weapon. So no rockets… Groundstrokes are a joy to hit with the Donnay Formula 100 however. You get a good blend of control, spin, and some power and the string bed feels responsive, meaning you know where you hit the shot.

Similarly, who uses Donnay? By the 1970s, Donnay was the world’s largest manufacturer of tennis rackets. Donnay sponsored globally famous champion players such as Rod Laver, Margaret Smith Court and Cliff Drysdale, all of whom played with Donnay’s rackets.

Thereof, does tennis racket use nanotechnology?

In tennis, carbon nanotechnology is used to increase the strength of tennis racquets by adding carbon nanotubes to the frames which increases control and power when you hit the ball. Furthermore, they also reduce the rate of air leaks from tennis balls, so they keep their bounce longer.

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