What happened to Denis Shapovalov?

Canada’s Denis Shapovalov has made an early exit from the National Bank Open in Toronto, losing 6-1, 6-4 to American Frances Tiafoe in second-round action Wednesday. It was the first match of the tournament for the 22-year-old from Richmond Hill, Ont., who had a bye in the first round as the No. 5 seed.

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Also question is, who is Shapovalov physiotherapist?

In an interview with SuperTennis TV, Denis Shapovalov’s physiotherapist Stefano De Pirro shared a riveting anecdote, during his working days with Dominic Thiem. The Italian said: “I still remember one of my first trips with Dominic Thiem.

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Age 20
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Endorsements Nike, Head, Rolex, BMW, Copper Branch
Net Worth US $4 million
Height 1.7 m

Herein, does Denis Shapovalov have a new coach?

Denis Shapovalov was coached for many years by his mother, Tessa Shapovalova. In 2018, Shapovalov added Rob Steckley to his coaching team, replacing Martin Laurendeau. In April 2019, Steckley and Shapovolov parted ways and the youngster reunited with his junior coach, Adriano Fuorivia.

Is Denis Shapovalov hurt?

Canada’s Denis Shapovalov has withdrawn from the upcoming French Open tennis tournament due to a shoulder injury. He made the announcement Sunday via a Twitter post. “I’m saddened to share that after consulting with my medical team I’ve made the difficult decision to withdrawal from @rolandgarros.

Who beat Roger Federer?

Hubert Hurkacz

Did Shapovalov win his tennis match?

Djokovic wins 7-5

Shapovalov goes down 30-0 as his passing shot is wide and 40-0 as Djokovic executes the serve-and-volley to perfection.

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