What equipment is allowed in badminton?

Badminton Equipment

To play badminton, players will need a net, a shuttlecock, and at least two rackets. The net crosses the center of the badminton court. It needs to be 5 feet 1 inch high at both ends and 5 feet high in the center.

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Secondly, what are the 3 equipment in badminton?

Badminton – Equipment

  • Badminton Racket. Modern Badminton Rackets are light in weight and don’t weigh more than 100 grams. …
  • Shuttlecock. Sixteen feathers fixed in a cork base enveloped in a thin leather sheet make a shuttlecock. …
  • Badminton Shoes. …
  • Badminton Accessories.
People also ask, what is the 4 equipment in badminton? The essential pieces of equipment to buy for badminton are the racket, the net, and the shuttlecock.

Also know, is there a proper size and weight in the equipment of badminton?

The head can be no bigger that 280 mm in length and 220 mm in width. The total length of the racket should be within 680 mm in length and 230 mm total width. The full weight of a strung racket frame must be between 80 and 100 g.

What are badminton balls called?


What are the basic skills of badminton?

Here are nine basic skills you need to learn to play Badminton:

  • Knowing how to warm up properly.
  • The basic forehand and backhand grip.
  • The basic six corners footwork.
  • The split step or the ready stance.
  • The basic shots.
  • Perception and anticipation.
  • Hand-eye coordination.
  • Rhythm and timing.

What are the court dimensions for badminton?

Badminton court size

A standard badminton court is marked for both the singles and the doubles game. The court has two halves measuring 6.7m (22 ft) each and separated by a badminton net that stands 1.55m (5ft 1in) high at the ends and dips to 1.52m (5 ft) in the middle.

What are the two types of shuttlecock?

Types of Shuttlecocks:

  • Feather Shuttlecocks.
  • Plastic/Synthetic Shuttlecocks.
  • Hybrid Shuttlecocks.

Can you wear gloves in badminton?

They also serve as comfortable work wear. The material is carefully selected to ensure that the. badminton gloves do not irritate the wearers, especially those with sensitive skins. … badminton gloves enhances their grip level to avoid unnecessary slips when working during use.

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