What does racket mean?

noun. a loud noise or clamor, especially of a disturbing or confusing kind; din; uproar: The traffic made a terrible racket in the street below. social excitement, gaiety, or dissipation.

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Furthermore, what is racket in a sentence?

A racket is a loud, unpleasant noise. He makes such a racket I’m afraid he disturbs the neighbors. You can refer to an illegal activity used to make money as a racket. I’m sure he’ll admit he was in the drug racket in the end.

One may also ask, why does racket mean noise? Another definition of racket is an unpleasantly loud noise; if your neighbors were playing horrible, loud music, you could yell out the window, “Stop that racket!” Informally, the word racket also means “illegal scheme,” especially for making money.

Also know, what’s all the racket meaning?

“Racket” is a word for loud and annoying noises. Loud music, shouting, banging noises, and other noises can all be called “racket”. When children make noises that annoy their parents, the parents use the phrase “that racket”: Turn down that racket!

What are the two meanings of racket?

noun (2) Definition of racket (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : confused clattering noise : clamor. 2a : social whirl or excitement. b : the strain of exciting or trying experiences.

What is the difference between racquet and racket?

Racket is the standard spelling of the word. Racquet is an alternative spelling used more commonly in certain sports (squash, racquetball, badminton) and less commonly in others. The International Tennis Federation uses racket exclusively.

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