What does it mean to call something a racket?

1 : confused clattering noise : clamor. 2a : social whirl or excitement. b : the strain of exciting or trying experiences. 3a : a fraudulent scheme, enterprise, or activity.

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Also question is, what is an example of a racket?

Racket is defined as a loud noisy sound, or an act of illegally obtaining money. An example of a racket is the sound of a restaurant server dropping a tray of plates on the ground and all of them breaking. An example of a racket is fraud or bootlegging. … A noisy confusion; loud and confused talk or activity; uproar.

Regarding this, what does have a racket going mean? n. 1 a noisy disturbance or loud commotion; clamour; din. 2 gay or excited revelry, dissipation, etc. 3 an illegal enterprise carried on for profit, such as extortion, fraud, prostitution, drug peddling, etc. 4 Slang a business or occupation.

Simply so, what does all that racket mean?

“Racket” is a word for loud and annoying noises. Loud music, shouting, banging noises, and other noises can all be called “racket”. When children make noises that annoy their parents, the parents use the phrase “that racket”: Turn down that racket!

What rachet means?

1 : a mechanism that consists of a bar or wheel having inclined teeth into which a pawl drops so that motion can be imparted to the wheel or bar, governed, or prevented and that is used in a hand tool (such as a wrench or screwdriver) to allow effective motion in one direction only.

Does racket mean noise?

loud noise

Why is racketeering illegal?

It is usually used in reference to patterns of illegal activity specified in the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). This is a U.S. federal law that makes it illegal to acquire or control a business through certain crimes or income from those crimes.

Are a racket?

Another definition of racket is an unpleasantly loud noise; if your neighbors were playing horrible, loud music, you could yell out the window, “Stop that racket!” Informally, the word racket also means “illegal scheme,” especially for making money.

What is the difference between racquet and racket?

Spelling. Racket is the standard spelling of the word. Racquet is an alternative spelling used more commonly in certain sports (squash, racquetball, badminton) and less commonly in others. The International Tennis Federation uses racket exclusively.

What is an antonym for racket?

Antonyms. rear avoid back disrespect. resound noise. racket (English) raket (Middle English (1100-1500))

What is the mean of Busted?

/ (ˈbʌstəd) / adjective. informal caught out doing something wrong and therefore in troubleyou are so busted.

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