What do tennis players use sawdust for?

The rules also say Grand Slams must provide sawdust for players (as well as water, electrolyte drinks, cups, and towels). The sawdust is for sweaty palms and Ivan Lendl was such a fan of the stuff, he used to keep some in his pocket while playing. … What’s more, sweating is not a good enough reason for a code violation.

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Then, what did Ivan Lendl keep in his pocket?

Ivan Lendl wore a funny hat and carried sawdust in his pockets.

Beside above, why do tennis players bounce the ball several times before serving? Why do tennis players bounce the ball before serving at all? In essence, bouncing the ball before serving gives tennis players an opportunity to develop a tactic for the point to follow, helps them to focus on their serve technique, and serves as a time to breathe and relax before the next point.

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