What channel is Olympic channel on Cox?

4K HDR: Cox will present 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) coverage of the Olympic Games provided by NBCUniversal to its customers on Contour 2 channels 4003, 4004 and 4005.

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Beside above, what channel is Fox Sports on Cox?

Fox Sports Media Group is in charge of the FS1 and its available on the Cox channel.

Channel Name Channel Number
FOX Sports 1 HD 1329
Furthermore, what channel is own on Cox cable?
channel 149

Likewise, what channel is SBN on Cox cable?

Channel 344

What channel is the Olympics channel?

Olympic Channel (American TV channel)

DirecTV Channel 624
Dish Network Channel 389
U-verse TV Channel 667 (SD) Channel 1667 (HD)

What station is the Olympic Channel?

NBC is home to the Olympics, so tune into your local NBC station for primetime coverage. Programing will also be featured on NBC Sports Network, USA, CNBC, the NBC Olympics Channel, the Golf Channel and Telemundo.

What station is Fox Sports?

channel 518

What channel is Fox on on cable?

Cable Television Channel Lineup

Channel Network
2.1 WJBK (2-Fox) HD
4.1 WDIV (4-NBC) HD
4.2 This TV
5 Fox Sports Detroit

What channels are in Cox Sports Package?

Sports & Info Pack $10/mo.

  • NBA TV.
  • NFL Network.
  • MLB Network.
  • NHL Network.
  • ESPNews.
  • ESPNU.
  • Tennis Channel.
  • Outdoor Channel.

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