What are the two types of birdies in badminton?

Types of Shuttlecocks: There are 3 types of Badminton Shuttlecocks: Feather Shuttlecocks. Plastic/Synthetic Shuttlecocks.

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Secondly, what was the original name of badminton?


In this regard, what is the original badminton? The original name of badminton is Poona, which comes from a city of the same name in India where badminton was popular among British military officers. … Although badminton’s roots start from Poona, they are not exactly the same sport since Poona uses a ball instead of a shuttlecock, and is now called ball badminton.

People also ask, how fast do badminton birdies go?

Badminton shuttlecocks can travel at speeds up to 200 mph.

What is the most powerful shot in badminton?

The badminton smash

Are feather shuttlecocks faster?

Feather shuttles are made of natural duck or goose feathers. … Aside from greater initial shuttle speed, the feather shuttle will also decelerate faster due to the higher drag it experiences during its flight and therefore will travel less distance and fall at a steeper angle.

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